Southwark Lesbian Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Network (Southwark LGBT Network) is an unincorporated association founded in 2002. Its purpose is to build and strengthen LGBT communities in Southwark so as to improve the quality of life of LGBT people who live, work, study or socialise in Southwark and reduce our vulnerability to hate crime, harassment and discrimination.

The Network‟s work complements that of the Southwark LGBT Forum (formerly the Southwark Anti- Homophobic Forum) and the two work closely together through their respective Chairs.

 Are you a lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans (LGBT) migrant? 
A refugee or asylum seeker?
We want to hear your stories!


Southwark LGBT Network wants to hear from LGBT people from non British migrant backgrounds living, working, playing or studying in Southwark. 

Working with Reel Brit Productions, we want to produce a short film celebrating these communities for Black History Month 2014.

If you want to volunteer, and feel comfortable speaking to camera, why not email us or give us a call.

How to get involved
Contact us by email or phone
Be available for film interviews on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 September
All volunteers receive travel expenses and refreshments

Filming locations to be confirmed in Southwark 

Contact us


Southwark LGBT Network - making our community count